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Inspiration. Horses are creatures of beauty. Beauty may be in the eyes of the beholder, but horses have inspired artists and poets through the ages. They are living art forms that remind us of the natural wonders of the world. This in turn inspires us to live our lives at a higher level.

Fun. Horses are like kids. They nurture the imagination and enjoyment of life.

Riding is all around great exercise. Burning calories and toning muscles while enjoying nature is the ultimate. The combination of barn work, grooming, and regular riding is one of the best kept fitness secrets around.

Social life. There are many social activities related to horses. From hanging out at the barn with friends to going to shows or group trail rides, horses keep their owners in touch with other humans. Horses give you an instant common bond with other horse admirers. This bond overcomes cultural and social differences.

Positive mental health and relaxation. Horses act as natural tranquilizers - their very presence can lower your blood pressure and improve your mood. Horses not only bring pleasure, but can provide emotional support. They seem to sense depression and pain in a person and will often react in amazing ways just to give you strength.

Encourages a Healthy Active Life Style. Incorporating horses into your life is a good way to make healthy living part a habit. Horses are dependent on us for care and that forces us to stay active on a regular basis.

Sense of freedom and power. Horses free us from many of the limitations of our bodies. There are many associations dedicated to therapy riding. Horses help people with disabilities, even people in a wheelchairs. Patients are carefully placed on a gentle horse, and muscles that didn't work would suddenly respond to the magical movement of the horse, giving them back the sense of freedom, power and security, and bringing wide smiles to their faces.

Horses teach us about ourselves. They don't care if we are the President of a company or the janitor in the local middle school. They see us as we really are. There is no room for ego with your relationship with a horse. You have to earn their respect. You have to be honest with them and yourself.

Horses and nature. Horses are the essence of nature, they don't make loud mechanical noise or leave nasty exhaust fumes to pollute the air. They don't deplete the ozone or create hazardous waste. Horses are 100% natural and are good for you.

Friendship. Those who have experienced a friendship with a horse will totally understand this reason. Horses are with you through most of your life influencing the changes in it. The time you spend with them and the love you give them will always be returned in kind, because your horse will be with you in good and bad times. Love horses and they will love you back.


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