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Equestrian sport gathers the family.

Our equine program primarily includes working with children. Children are fascinated by these noble animals, and very soon their parents can notice how their children become active and responsible, and how they look forward to every contact with horses.
Horseback riding motivates them, they become diligent and learn to be honest and patient, which is the only way to develop trust and good relations.

Our children's equine program includes horseback riding in tandem (with training instructor riding behind), independent horse riding on a lunge, and for all those who would prefer spending time with horses rather than riding them, we also provide children and adults' education program for working with horses.

Apart from various programs for children, the Horseback riding club “Kentaur” offers different types of education for all ages and levels.

Education program for beginners includes: getting to know the horses, developing a relationship with them, basic horse care and use of equipment, learning basic horseback riding skills, maintaining balance on a horse, horseback riding in the three horse gaits (walk, trot and gallop).

For those who have completed the beginner's level, as well as for riders with basic experience, we also offer intermediate to advanced education level, which includes: independent horseback riding according to menage movement rules, condition training, use of ground poles and cavalettes and preparation for terrain horseback riding.

After completing the advanced level, rider can choose between recreational or professional horseback riding.

In addition to all types of equine education and training programs, our visitors may also lease a desired horse, giving them an opportunity to always ride the horse that suits them best. For all horse owners, we provide horse boarding service in accordance with standard criteria.

For all additional information and question we are always at your disposal. You can visit our club at any time, or contact us at your convenience.


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