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...“If the choice of my condition had been left to me I would have decided for that of centaur. Between Borysthenes and me relations were of almost mathematical precision: he obeyed me as if I were his own brain, not his master. Have I ever obtained as much from a man? Such total authority comprises, as does any other power, its risk of error for the possessor, but the pleasure of attempting the impossible in jumping an obstacle was too strong for me to regret a dislocated shoulder or a broken rib. My horse knew me not by the thousand approximate notions of title, function, and name which complicate human friendship, but solely by my just weight as a man.

He shared my every impetus, he knew perfectly, and better perhaps than I, the point where my strength faltered under my will...”

(MargueriteYourcenar: “Memoirs of Hadrian”)

Equestrian club “Kentaur” was established in 1991. From its foundation until today the club has gathered a great number of members: from professional and recreational horseback riders to horse and nature lovers.

The club is located in a peaceful part of Belgrade municipality Zemun, surrounded by beautiful grassland, forest and vast meadows, perfect for terrain riding in the serene, natural surroundings. Situated on 20 acres of land, the “Kentaur” complex includes an outdoor sand menage (dimensions: 77 x 55 m) plus a smaller grass riding arena (dimensions: 55 x 45 m), two stables with 20 horses for sports and recreational riding, as well as several turnout areas for horses, while there is also a covered indoor riding area in use.

“Kentaur” has successfully competed in many show-jumping tournaments, and won numerous awards in children, juniors and amazons category. The club is also specialized in breeding and training young horses, as well as in horse cart riding. We participated in many city events manifestations such as traditional Christmas Eve parade in Zemun, while our members and horses also took part in movies and various music videos shooting.

In addition to equestrian sport, in the Equestrian Club "Kentaur" you can find 100% natural goat milk products, such as our famous goat cheese.



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